Hi! I’m Tracy, a certified nutrition coach, personal trainer, and outdoor cycling coach.

I am on a mission to end the diet industry because those quick-fix restrictive diets just make us feel bad about ourselves and mess with our relationship to food. 
I grew up eating real whole foods and always had a healthy appetite. I became a teenager and young adult when the dieting and fitness world was just starting to take hold, and like many others, it has taken me decades to unravel what has been ingrained into my mind about what I should and should not eat, how I should look, what I should be doing for exercise...ugh! It's insane!
Although we learned about nutrition a bit in school, we didn't really learn about how to take care of ourselves with  food and we certainly were not taught that because we are all unique, with different lives, values, and goals that there is no one way to eat.
The intersection of being an athlete, surviving food insecurity, experiencing multiple physical and emotional traumas, AND my love of eating has made it challenging to navigate the kitchen and stay healthy and energized. 
So many well-meaning but also uneducated coaches think their way of eating is the only way, and I was adversely impacted by decades of misinformation from them. As I got older, my energy levels, body composition, stress management and more all changed and what worked for me before, and what worked for others, no longer did!
I have found an approach to eating that is sustainable and healthy for my body AND my mental health.  
My passion for fitness, health, and nutrition eventually led me away from my 25 year career in environmental consulting to become a personal trainer, outdoor cycling coach, and certified nutrition coach. My hope is that I can help the planet even more by helping humans discover how to optimize their health and wellbeing.

Other things about me:

  • I'm a dog mamma and I take my pup hiking and swimming almost every day.
  • My favorite foods include tacos, pizza, lobster, and wine (wait that's not a food!).
  • I am the Salad Queen - I make delicious and nutrient-packed salads that are complete, balanced meals.
  • I know food is medicine at the deepest part of my mind and body.
  • Outdoor sports are my favorite: road and mountain biking, skiing, hiking, rock climbing, etc.
  • I own The Hub, a group fitness and outdoor cycling business where I help people get strong AF!
  • I created a ladies road cycling gang and currently there are over 350 members.
  • One of my favorite movies of all time is Dodgeball but I also love critically acclaimed films and documentaries.
  • My favorite Superhero is Wonder Woman and yes I have an awesome costume.









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