Meal Plan Templates and Customized Monthly Plans

Having healthy balanced meals throughout the week for you and your family shouldn't take too much time or be overwhelming.

My plans include a detailed 28-day meal plan AND all the tools and templates you need to continue with meal plans and prep every month. You will not only be able to plan, prep, and more easily execute meal making on a daily basis like a boss, but all of your meals will be healthy and balanced. 

All the meals are adaptable to any dietary preferences because they all consist of whole foods. You simply swap out ingredients you don't want or like for other suggested ingredients (example: lentils instead of meat) and/or add ingredients you enjoy (example: add cheese to a salad).  

My recipes and templates are mostly gluten-free, dairy-free, and contain no added sugar. 

More than a plan, my approach gives you the tools to create balanced meals as a lifestyle. 

One Month Meal Plan and Template: $49

Suitable for all dietary preferences and includes:

  • Balanced Meals and Portions Guide.
  • 28 day meal plan with easily adaptable recipes based on dietary preferences.
  • Weekly shopping lists and prep schedule.
  • A list of healthy, balanced snack ideas.
  • Meal templates with the flexibility to create dozens of balanced meals on your own and the shopping list that goes with it.
  • Must-have list of kitchen tools and pantry items to make your life easier.

Individualized One Month Meal Plan and Template: $169

This is ideal for someone who has very specific dietary requirements or wants to get support and accountability with implementing the meal planning process.

This includes the One Month Plan as described plus two 30-minute consultations that allow me to customize the recipes for you, plan your prep sessions based on your schedule, and go more in-depth with you on how to use the plan moving forward so it is consistent with your goals and lifestyle.


Three Month Meal Plan, Custom Macronutrient Profile, and Strategy Sessions: $369

This is ideal if you want not only a meal plan and the knowledge for how to integrate this approach into a lifestyle, but you would also like to know exactly what to eat, how much, and when. I use a calculator tool with an adaptable algorithm to provide this and then work with you to implement it over a 3-month period.

This option is an upgrade to the Individualized One Month Plan as follows:

  • Two additional months of daily recipes. 
  • Custom macronutrient plan and portions guide based on age, activity level, goals, and schedule. You will know exactly what and how much to eat to support your goals and lifestyle.
  • Monthly 1-hour strategy sessions (3 total) to continuously adjust and dial in the macronutrient and portions plan as well as guide you through proven strategies for implementation of the plan.
  • Weekly check-ins to provide support, cheer you on, and help you through lifestyle change.

No Added Sugar

All of the recipes and templates consist of whole, real ingredients without added sugar, preservatives, or things you cannot pronounce!

Gluten, Meat, or Dairy-Free?

Most of the recipes and templates are gluten and dairy free, but you can easily add ingredients you want or modify for dietary preference.

Specific Goals

Individualization and extra support are available to help you use this tool to achieve goals without ever dieting again!

Have Questions?

Contact me with any questions you may have about the meal plans.